Monday, February 28, 2011

Female Character WIP

This is a female character I'm in the process of creating.  I'm trying to keep the polycount under the 6K triangle mark, but I keep trying to add silhouette here and there.  I also have a tendency to keep working on the face to make it better.

Gorilla Spider WIP

Here is a couple screen grabs of a gorilla spider I worked on.  This project was for a class I was taking.  The objective was to mix two different animal types into one creature.  Polycount is under 6K tris.  I have this rigged, thanks to some help from my friend Taylor, and there is a run cycle for it.  Perhaps one day I'll get around to posting the rig setup, run cycle, and concept sheet.  The texture for this needs some love and I'd like to have it posed on a pedestal of some sort at some point as well.