Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Bad Doctors Burning City and Re-Animate

I recently did some graphic design work for the band The Bad Doctors.  They have an album coming out on FDH Records called Burning City and they recently released an EP called Re-Animate, which features a couple of songs off of their upcoming album along with a few previously unreleased tracks.  You can check out a description and review of their EP over at WXPN's The Key, a Philly radio station.  You can also hear their music at the bottom of that review or on their Bandcamp site and you can follow them via Facebook.

The top two images on the post were possible album covers I did for them for their upcoming album.  The third image is for a cassette version of the EP and the last image is for a digital download version of the EP. The city skyline/EKG line was drawn by Logan Neubauer.  Hopefully people will like the images and if you check out their music I recommend "AC" on Re-Animate or "The Death of Lycidas" on Distractions.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Character Work

In the 3D Modeling class I teach at Montgomery County Community College I have my students model a character for their mid-term and they go on to create an environment in Unity for their final.  This is a bit of an example of what I would have them model for their mid-term minus the high poly sculpt, normal map and spec map.  I made this in about a week.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Somewhat recently I've discovered the beauty and ease of 8 Monkey Labs' Marmoset Toolbag, which is a great real-time rendering engine for artists.  You can't really make a game out of the engine, but you can take high resolution, real-time screenshots of your game art for your portfolio with all the trimmings and post process effects that you would expect and hope for in a AAA quality game engine.  Playing with Marmoset has prompted me to do some cleanup, improvements and updates on the bike I made.  As you can see, I've also swapped out the base color in my texture for some other colors and made wallpaper sized images out of them.  Right now, the wallpapers would work best on monitors that have a screen resolution of 1680 x 1050, but I have made them large enough, 3360 x 2100, so that hopefully everyone will be able to use them, should they choose to, on monitors with different screen resolutions.  What color(s) do you like the best?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Game I Worked On - DreamSpanner

Dreamspanner is a game I worked on in college at Full Sail University as part of my Final Project.  I was Art Lead for our team and worked on the level design, the level layout and environment props and textures along with helping out wherever else that I could.  I thought that, overall, it might not be good enough for my portfolio anymore, but I am still very proud of the game, the work I did on it and what we were able to accomplish.  So, I thought I would post it here instead.  Plus, it is still totally playable.  You can see a video on it and download it here.  Below is a description about the game.
Dreamspanner features a young female artist in an oil-painted dream world of her own making.  She must navigate her world by drawing platforms and cubes to manipulate objects such as crashing boulders, treacherous scales, and endless pits of paint-dissolving turpentine.  The game also features turpentine-born enemies for her to combat with her two shapes, as well as a boss that will push the limits of her dream and any players' ability to solve puzzles while under attack.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Painted a Box During Super Storm Sandy

Last summer I was at Too Many Games doing a Game Jam with QuadraTron that was being run by the Philadelphia IGDA.  You can play our game here.  Anyway, during one of our breaks I ventured out onto the conference floor to see what everyone had to sell, show and play.  I was really impressed by the number of people creating video game related art and creations.  One in particular was creating wooden boxes that you could open up and keep stuff in and she was painting them in different styles including the Super Mario coin box style shown above.  I was really inspired by her work, Midnight Treasure Creations on Etsy, and decided to do one of my own.  It is a tissue box that I picked up from Michael's Arts and Crafts store and painted.  It came in handy when super storm Sandy hit and the power was out for a couple days and I needed something to occupy my time.  I really enjoyed painting it and I hope to do some more physical painting in the future.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Have a Twitch Stream

You can find a link to my stream channel here.  I stream projects that I'm working on from time to time that I'm able to show to people and I also make tutorial videos sometimes as well.  I usually stream later at night or early morning East Coast hours.  You can check out one of my tutorial videos above.  It is a basic introduction to 3D using Autodesk Maya.  If you like what you see or want to make sure you catch my next stream try following my channel on twitch or following me on twitter @robert_nally.  Every time I broadcast it gets posted to my twitter account automatically and if you follow me on twitch you can set yourself up to get an email every time I go live.  I hope everyone enjoys it and if there is anything you would like to see or have me go over in a tutorial you can shoot me a message at robert.nally@gmail.com or leave a comment in the section below.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Game I Worked On - Just Tactics

I created environment concept art, models and textures as well as assisted with character textures and effects for the game.  You can try out the game for free at www.justtactics.com.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Image for a Tattoo

I haven't posted in almost two years, but I have been busy and so I have a backlog of work to put up.  This is an image I did for a tattoo.