Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Painted a Box During Super Storm Sandy

Last summer I was at Too Many Games doing a Game Jam with QuadraTron that was being run by the Philadelphia IGDA.  You can play our game here.  Anyway, during one of our breaks I ventured out onto the conference floor to see what everyone had to sell, show and play.  I was really impressed by the number of people creating video game related art and creations.  One in particular was creating wooden boxes that you could open up and keep stuff in and she was painting them in different styles including the Super Mario coin box style shown above.  I was really inspired by her work, Midnight Treasure Creations on Etsy, and decided to do one of my own.  It is a tissue box that I picked up from Michael's Arts and Crafts store and painted.  It came in handy when super storm Sandy hit and the power was out for a couple days and I needed something to occupy my time.  I really enjoyed painting it and I hope to do some more physical painting in the future.

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