Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Granny Guntner and a Big Pea Shooter

My friend Matt (Guntner) who I went to Full Sail with was doing some coding tests/mockups for a job.  He  created a little game/simulation that allowed the player to maneuver the cannon and shoot it.  He asked me to make him a couple quick assets to use with his demo.  So that's what the little setup above is.  I didn't spend very long on it, but I did try to give him a lot more than what he was asking for, which was basically a cylinder, lol.  He ended up getting the job and is now working at Bigpoint, which I thought was really cool.  I'm still trying to get a little YouTube video out of him of the game, but I know he's pretty busy getting acquainted with his new job and city.

Update: Matt hooked me up with the video.  Check it out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gorillaz and Megatouch

A couple months back I went to an AMI Entertainment also known as Megatouch presentation on Full Sail's campus.  It was very interesting and helpful.  One of the little tidbits that the presenters shared was to have a picture of yourself on your website so people you met at a conference or what not would remember you by face.  At the time I started making these I had been looking at a lot of Gorillaz inspired artwork.  I love that style and the way that they are able to incorporate live action, 2d and 3d elements.  Since I'm an introvert and a bit uncomfortable plastering my mug all over stuff I thought I'd meet the challenge half way and at least draw a semi-realistic interpretation of myself in a Gorillaz style.

I've gotten a lot of positive responses from them, but some negative ones as well.  It seems to be a bit more polarizing than my traditional game art.  If you're checking this out I'd definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts, good or bad especially since I have a couple more in the works that will be incorporating some 3D models.

P.S. - the cats are mine and the black one, Grace, only has one eye :)

Eat 3D Forum Spotlight

A couple weeks back I started posting my works in progress for this on Eat 3D and I was lucky enough to be put on their forum spotlight which I thought was really cool.  I've been posting more updates there than on my blog so if you would like to check it out here's the link.  It shows what I was going for in terms of the textures and the model.