Thursday, August 29, 2013

Game I Worked On - DreamSpanner

Dreamspanner is a game I worked on in college at Full Sail University as part of my Final Project.  I was Art Lead for our team and worked on the level design, the level layout and environment props and textures along with helping out wherever else that I could.  I thought that, overall, it might not be good enough for my portfolio anymore, but I am still very proud of the game, the work I did on it and what we were able to accomplish.  So, I thought I would post it here instead.  Plus, it is still totally playable.  You can see a video on it and download it here.  Below is a description about the game.
Dreamspanner features a young female artist in an oil-painted dream world of her own making.  She must navigate her world by drawing platforms and cubes to manipulate objects such as crashing boulders, treacherous scales, and endless pits of paint-dissolving turpentine.  The game also features turpentine-born enemies for her to combat with her two shapes, as well as a boss that will push the limits of her dream and any players' ability to solve puzzles while under attack.

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