Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Bad Doctors Burning City and Re-Animate

I recently did some graphic design work for the band The Bad Doctors.  They have an album coming out on FDH Records called Burning City and they recently released an EP called Re-Animate, which features a couple of songs off of their upcoming album along with a few previously unreleased tracks.  You can check out a description and review of their EP over at WXPN's The Key, a Philly radio station.  You can also hear their music at the bottom of that review or on their Bandcamp site and you can follow them via Facebook.

The top two images on the post were possible album covers I did for them for their upcoming album.  The third image is for a cassette version of the EP and the last image is for a digital download version of the EP. The city skyline/EKG line was drawn by Logan Neubauer.  Hopefully people will like the images and if you check out their music I recommend "AC" on Re-Animate or "The Death of Lycidas" on Distractions.

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