Monday, March 31, 2014

Game I Worked On - Jetpack Cat

A couple months ago I worked on a mobile game called Jetpack Cat for Make or Break Games.  Make or Break Games was founded and is led by Mike Leach who I taught with a couple summers back at ID Tech Camps.  It was a great experience to be able to work with Mike again and to be able to contribute to a mobile game.  Jetpack Cat is an arcade-style shooter that uses your phone's accelerometer to tilt the player side-to-side to avoid incoming enemy missiles.  It's a game anyone can get into and it has a lot of nice upgrades to get.

For the game, I worked on some sprite animations, effects, icons, buttons and the store interface.  Owen McRory created and designed Jetpack Cat along with the enemies and painted the beautiful illustrations that you fly past while playing the game in addition to creating icons and effects for the game.

You can download the game for Android now, for free, with no ads until the first major update, from the Google Play store link below.  iOS version is coming soon.

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