Monday, August 1, 2011


For the past six weeks I've been alternating between teaching Maya and the Starcraft 2 editor at an ID Tech camp, the Villanova ID Gaming Academy to be exact, as the Lead Instructor.  Our director, Andrew DeScisciolo was kind enough to put together a demo reel of what the camp is all about.  It gives a quick example of what each program entails for the students' parents and then goes into some of the students' work for that session.  Each session is two weeks.  Above are two of the reels that we put together.  For the first one, I taught the Maya session and did the quick battle axe creation to give the parents an idea of what Maya is and how it works.  For the second one, I taught the StarCraft 2 Modding session.  The camp was an absolute blast and I'm really proud and impressed with how quickly the campers, ages 13-18, were able to pick up and understand the software as well as how motivated and dedicated they were.  The only unfortunate thing is that I don't really have any new work to show other than some completely random objects, characters and environments that I used to show the students' how to create things and use certain tools.

Here are the other awesome instructors that I worked with:

Sean O'Connor
Alex Kwan
Mike Leach

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